Opuntia monacantha var. variegata


Opuntia monacantha var. variegata

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Ok, you like weird plants? Well, have we got one for you!

Opuntia monacantha var. variegata is a mashup of white and green variegated goodness, odd, nubby shapes and relatively harmless spines you can brush your fingers over without getting stuck.

In our minds, this is a seriously ideal cactus: Beautifully strange, striking variegation and incredibly low risk of getting spine splinters!

Each plant is unique from one another. But we tried to source the most odd-looking ones for you.


  • Bright, filtered sunlight or comparable, artificial light.

  • Prefers a fast-draining soil.

  • Everyone has a different growing climate. Know your climate and make adjustments!

    Grown in 4 inch nursery pots and shipped in a biodegradable nursery bag so we can reuse our plastic nursery pots to propagate more fun stuff for you!

    US only. All sales final.

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