Monstera adansonii

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Monstera adansonii

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Our favorite fenestrated friend: Monstera adansonii.

This is an easy and FAST grower that will put our larger, more mature leaves if given the ability to latch onto something and CLIMB!

Sizes offered: 4 inch and 6 inch pots.


  • Bright, indirect or comparable, artificial light.

  • Like most of our plants, we recommend well draining mix for this plant!

  • Err on the side of under-watering v. overwatering. Adansonii seem prone to rot.

  • Everyone has a different growing climate. Know your climate and make adjustments!

    Grown in 4 inch or 6 inch nursery pots and shipped in a biodegradable nursery bag so we can reuse our plastic nursery pots to propagate more fun stuff for you!

    US only. All sales final.

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