Euphorbia caput-medusae 'Medusa's Head'

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Euphorbia caput-medusae 'Medusa's Head'

  • Generally unique look? Check!

  • Pleasantly fragrant blooms? Check!

  • Caudex? Check!

What a brilliantly bizarre plant with blooms that smell of honey! Yes! That’s right! This euphorbia gets better with the more you learn about it.

And if you like caudiciforms, you will be pleased to know this plant will develop a caudex!

Let’s hear it for our wonderfully weird plants!


  • Filtered sun, bright, indirect sunlight or comparable, artificial light. (Always slowly acclimate any plants to more extreme lighting and temperature conditions.)

  • Plant in a well draining soil.

  • Euphorbias generally like a bit more water than cacti.

  • A mild dry-out period between waterings will be appreciated.

  • Give it enough light and don’t overdo it on the water and you should be good!

  • Everyone has a different growing climate. Know your climate and make adjustments!

    Grown in 4 inch nursery pots and shipped in a biodegradable nursery bag so we can reuse our plastic nursery pots to propagate more fun stuff for you!

    US only. All sales final.

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