Where have you been?!

Hello. It me. 

Hello. It me. 

Hello! Wow! Yeah! Hi!

It has been a good minute, hasn't it? 

When Cultivate Propagate was started this January, it was aimed at giving me an outlet and a place to document my personal plant collection. 

And, as life goes and creative ideas develop, things tend to change! 

I pushed and pulled this ball of clay was that is Cultivate Propagate. (Repeatedly smashing it back into an amorphous ball because I'm nervous as heck about failure.)

Is it a personal journal? Is it a plant care space? Do I sell plants?


Well, it turns out, it's kind of all of the above. 

I want to journal my own collection, how it progresses, what plants I fall in love and out of love with. 

I want to share what I have found out when it comes to caring for these foliar friends. 

And yes, I have some plants to sell. I love plants SO much, I want to share them with you, with a special focus on difficult-to-get and funky-lookin' things. 

So, that's where I have been. Fun things like filling out paperwork, paying fees, looking for physical retail spaces, grappling with my personal version of imposter syndrome and sourcing plants... So many plants. 

With that, I'm going to be slowly adding plants to the online store here! The first plant I have up for sale is the super unique Hoya Retusa. It's a fantastic, easy care hoya. If you give it enough light and don't drown it, you should be good. 

Feel free to comment below with plants you're looking for! I'm so excited to be pursuing this small business and helping you achieve your planty dreams!